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Romantic, Raw, Timeless wedding and lifestyle photographer.


Photo Creds: Lexifoster.

Photo Creds: Lexifoster.


Hello Gorgeous, Most call me Bre!

When I needed an art credit in high school, I bought my first camera. Within a few clicks of the shutter, I was hooked.

Since then, I’ve upgraded cameras and adventured into fashion photography and photojournalism , Throughout the last two years I’ve fallen in love with capturing people, noticing the moments that others miss, and allowing my couples to be who they are.

When I’m shooting your wedding, let me tell you, I’m always going to have your back, be your advocate and be your witness. This day is about you, your beloved and your families. Your wedding is the first day of a lifelong story. It will be the day that the words “you and me” become “we”. The memories created on this day will be the first stepping stones into a journey that will have it’s highs and lows while calling upon you to remember why you started in the first place.

The photographs from your wedding day will be the heirlooms you share with your family as it continues to grow and they will be the legacy that will remain long after the people in them are gone. These images are important. Your story is important.

With all of this in the forefront, I strive to tell the truth of your day with all the different facets represented through photographs. The complex, the mundane, the silly and the exciting because they are all beautiful pieces to your story.

I am honored that you’re here and I look forward to meeting you. I’m definitely a hugger.



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